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Texas has reciprocity agreements with many states which means the
LTC is valid in those states, as well as Texas.
An LTC is still required to carry on university campuses.
The license is a designated document for voter ID.
Business owners may choose to allow licensed carry on their premises while
prohibiting unlicensed carry.
This is why you still need a
Texas License to Carry


State of Texas laws allow a resident once licensed, to carry a handgun either concealed or openly carried if holstered in a belt or shoulder holster for self-protection. Obtaining a permit to carry handgun in the State of Texas requires a FOUR TO SIX hour Licensed to Carry Handgun Certification Course which is outlined by the State Department of Public Safety and covers the Use of Force, Gun Safety, Gun Storage, Dispute Resolution and Texas laws regarding use of force as a defense and licensing requirements.
Meet Your Instructors
Class is taught by Don, who is a Qualified Instructor,
Certified by the Texas Department of Public Safety as a Licensed to Carry (LTC) Handgun Instructor, also a Federally Licensed Firearms Dealer (FFL),
Certified by the National Rifle Association (NRA), as a Certified Range Safety Officer, in Pistol Discipline, and Metallic Reloading Discipline.

Rosemarie will do all the business part, take registrations,
complete your LTC-101s for me to sign, and check all my paperwork to insure all your information is correct before submittal

Donald & Rosemarie Gerber
Owners and Operators

We only provide On-Line LTC Classes at this time
My On-Line LTC Class is $69 (watch for monthly specials)
In addition to the required classroom and range time. Concealed Carry of Amarillo wants your class to be enjoyable and comfortable.  We know that some classes out there are very intimidating and make the students nervious and sometimes a little scared. Especially for new shooter.  Rosemarie and I do our best to make our classes very laid back, not intimidating, easy to understand. We all this in mind we will provide you with the following:
  • All the paperwork needed to TDPS
    • LTC-100 for In Class
    • LTC-101 you bring - On Line Class
  • Folder and Pen provided and yours to keep
  • B27 target provided
  • You don't have a firearms
    • We rent target 22s with ammo for $25
  • As a Federal Firearms Dealer, I aslo sell firearms  -
Donald & Rosemarie Gerber
Contact Information:

Cell 806-418-5900
Cell 806-418-5998
Concealed Carry of Amarillo takes pride in the classes we teach. Our LTC classes are comprehensive and cover all the information necessary to get your license to carry a handgun. Between the time you start reading our website and end of your class, you will be able to confidently and successfully apply for your LTC. Taking a Texas LTC class and learning the laws in Texas is a decision that will help keep you from unwittingly committing a felony offense while carrying your handgun. We can now also be found as our firearms sales can be found at as a FFL dealer selling firearms to our students - at a discounted price.

---What is a Texas License to Carry “handgun license?”   

A concealed handgun license (CHL), now License to Carry (LTC) allows an individual to carry a concealed or openly carried handgun where ever it is legal to do so.

---Why take a Licensed to Carry class?

Even if you do not intend to carry a firearm, if you own one in the State of  Texas, attending this class will furnish you the necessary knowledge of the Texas laws regarding weapons, the Use of Force and the Use of Deadly Force.

The only way to get a LTC in the state of Texas is to take an approved LTC class.  In the class you will learn the laws associated with carrying a concealed or openly carried handgun, gain the knowledge necessary to legally carry a handgun in Texas, the basics of shooting and demonstrate your proficiency with your handgun. The possession of a LTC will also exempt you from the necessary background check when purchasing a firearm, making the process quicker and easier.
We are always, NEW Shooter Friendly
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