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Concealed Carry
of Amarillo
We are also "Tangleaire Firearms"
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TDPS Application (takes you the TDPS webpage for completion)
  • Go to the Texas Department of Public Safety webpage.
  • Click on Texas DPS License to Carry Handgun - to LTC homepage
  • Under Onlines Services, click on Apply for a New Handgun License
  • Follow the directions - you will
    • Complete you LTC Application which includes
      • Application information
      • Personal Identifiers (gender, height, weight, race, eye color, and hair color)
      • Contact Information
      • Reported History (criminal, drug, alcohol, and psychiatric)
      • Residence History information (last 5 years)
      • Employment History Information (last 5 years)
      • Criminal History information (all criminal history including juvenile cases)
      • Treatment History Information (drug, alcohol, and psychiatric)
      • Completed two online Afidavits
      • Authorization for Release of Records
      • Knowledge of Laws and Eligibility Affidavit
    • Submit the application fee
    • Print out receipt and form with BARCODE and CHECKLIST
IndentoGo Fingerprinting Application

Register for fingerprinting "ON-Line" through the TXDPS webpage.
  • You will register for fingerprinting with IdentoGo by MorphoTrust USA.
  • Remember code - 119Q91, you will need this when registering
  • You will pick a date and time and location to complete the fingerprinting process.
  • Attach the following items to the TX DPS LTC Unit webpage:
    • Certifiate of Completion (Form LTC-100 or LTC-101)
    • Fastest and easiest way to submit the LTC forms is to SCAN to electronic form and save to your computer
    • Go to webpage
    • Handgun License (right side of page)
    • Select "Submit LTC Supporting documentation" (left side of page)
    • Attach the document to TDPS webpage -
      • complete requested information
      • Attach
We are always, NEW Shooter Friendly
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